Memento is an Augmented Reality (AR) experience that emphasizes geo-social interaction. It strives to capitalize on the social and emotional connections bound to real life moments, and encapsulate them into a cohesive smartphone experience.


  • ​Lead Developer

  • Integrate AR tools on Unity, considering iOS and Android platforms

  • Develop a server to store users' account and posts

  • Design system architecture and classes hierarchy 

  • Combine map SDK for location-based interaction

  • Manage collaborative programming and version control



  • Designing an easy and stable AR experience for multiple hardware and OS

  • Converting real world distance to screen position and AR position, based on user's real-time location and orientation

  • Creating a server to enable users to see each others posts in their real location

  • Integrating with several social apps such as Instagram, Snapshat, WeChat and TikTok

  • Enabling user to take pictures with the AR elements, or load pictures from the gallery

  • Handling conflicts in collaborative programming



  • Used AR Foundation to create an interactive AR scene.

  • Developed a real-time location-based mechanic with Mapbox.

  • Implemented a server to store AR scenes using Google Firebase and JSON.

  • Integrated Instagram API.

  • Used native libraries to retrieve pictures from Gallery and sharing on social media.

  • Worked with Unity Collab as main version control tool