Gold Mania!

Gold Mania! is an all-new casual arcade experience where players from all over the world join in daily, weekly and 28-day challenges to win real-world prizes! With a growing roster of arcade challenges, players can unlock powerful boosters on the roulette wheel of power-ups.  With all-original cute, wacky and squishy characters – it’s a delight that sparks joy in your everyday gaming.


  • Software Engineer

  • Work together with design team to integrate art assets 

  • Create tools to assist the game design team for fast prototyping 

  • Improve game and fix bugs based on user's feedback

  • Manage collaborative programming and version control



  • Developing programmatic animation for unnatural movements present in the game

  • Creating an easy-to-use tool that fulfill all the requirements of the design team

  • Understanding and managing different aspects of the game and making a bugs-free code

  • Commenting and handling conflicts in collaborative programming



  • Created complex animations using variables and layer in Unity Animation Sub-state machine.

  • Developed an efficient and reusable game design tool, capable of loading art assets from folders and saving/loading entire levels using Scriptable Objects.

  • Helped implement reactive programming in Unity using UniRx.

  • Worked with Git as main version control tool, collaborating with over six developers.