Easy UI Animator

A UI animation tool for Unity, designed to be simple and eficiente for mobile. Available on Unity Asset Store.


  • Lead Programmer

  • Develop animation logic, effects, modifiers

  • Create usage interfaces and tools

  • Write documentation and comments

  • Manage user testing and bug fixes



  • Optimizing resources allocation for mobile devices

  • Integrating Bezier curves and other UI animations, dealing with different Unity UI settings

  • Creating a good interface that allows multiple animation settings

  • Updating tool according to Unity UI updates



  • Deep understanding on Unity UI framework, pipeline, components, and tools

  • Development of Animation effect for position, rotation, scale, and color, with modifiers (e.g. EasyIn, EasyOut).

  • Custom Unity Component Inspector, Gizmos and other Unity Editor tools

  • Unity Asset Store release pipeline