Want to compete again your friends, country and world in a fast-paced exciting game? Challenge your friends, your country and the world! Compete against everyone to see who goes farther! Avoid hitting the squares and drive your ship to the infinity! Be the best of the world!

DotShip was the result an 1-day gamejam with multiple restrictions, including "Create a finished game with social aspects with only one script (apart from the social APIs)"


  • Gameplay & UI Programmer

  • Develop game logic, controls and elements interaction

  • Integrate with social network APIs

  • Implement main menu, level selection menu, side bar, and other UI screens

  • Add music and sound effects

  • Facebook, Google API and web service integration



  • Creating a game with social aspects in one script (as part of the gamejam requirement)

  • Connecting and managing multiple social APIs

  • Managing all texture inside a 128x128 pixels file

  • Setting up a server and communicating 



  • Multiple social media integration

  • Server communication using PHP and JSON for real-time leaderboard

  • Best practices for UI

  • Google Asset Store publishing pipeline