Digital Graffiti Wall

We built the graffiti wall to bring people together with a fun, hands-on, interactive experience where anyone can grab a digital spray can to create art. It's brandable, sparks curiosity and always engages your crowd.


  • Software Engineer

  • Manage and test the different parts of the experience

  • Configure Unity application and assist on the installation

  • Build the Unity scene according to client's preferences

  • Adjust mobile app and server configuration based on the venue



  • Being able to adjust and understand a complex project that included a main Windows application, mobile app, a server and hardware components, such as cameras and sensors, in two weeks

  • Configuring the application to the new hardware components, including a 6 meters wide screen with 30% of content cut-off, cameras and sensors.

  • Working remote with a designer to import art assets and light configuration on the scene. Understanding client's idea and adjusting the scene accordingly

  • Dealing with damaged components and unforeseen environmental conditions 

  • Handling different communications protocols between server, Windows applications and mobile apps



  • Adjusted the software architecture to respect MVC pattern.

  • Modifying camera render viewport to match the screen visible area, making it suitable for a multiple display configuration.

  • Set up different configurations of lights using Unity reflection probes and baked lights.

  • Modified the original schedule to suit the venue conditions.

  • Create a fail-safe server-client architecture, dealing with both TCP and UDP protocols.