An infinite runner with shooting elements and a really funny and comic style. The player controls a cowboy pig determined to save its family. To do so, it must avoid endless obstacles and hunt treasures using its instincts and its gun.


  • Gameplay Programmer

  • Develop game logic, controls and elements interaction

  • Optimizing game for mobile

  • Implement in-game store and mission system

  • Help the level design team to quick prototype and test new levels



  • Dealing with a high amount of sprites spawning dynamically during a single game

  • Creating a shooting mechanics with different effects depending on the target

  • Being able to customize the character (hat) during game, and saving customization

  • Constantly checking for mission fulfillment during the game

  • Creating a tool that allow level designers to quickly prototype and test new patterns for the game

  • Animate multiple character states and controlling accordingly



  • Using multiple dynamic pooling systems for resources management

  • Basic shooting mechanics and Unity physics layers interaction

  • Best practices for character customization and store system

  • Real-time mission checks for different kinds of mission (e.g. collect, distance, destroy, time)

  • Level pattern builder tool for the design team

  • Side-scroller mechanics (e.g. pattern generation and sorting, controls)

  • Character animation controls