Blast is a music teaching tool that allows users to freely create their own music sheets by dragging the elements. The freedom provided by the tool allow students to fully understand how to read and compose music. It is also possible to listen to your creations, save and export the file in both PC and Android version.


  • Lead Programmer

  • Develop the system architecture and interfaces

  • Implement user interface and flow

  • Manage github and solve conflicts

  • Ideation with teammates and user testing



  • Understand the composition of music sheets rules

  • Being able to generate sound, as it required a big range of sound variations

  • Creating an intuitive interface to allow quick and simple music composition

  • Translating music elements (e.g. notes, chords, tons, etc) into game objects and scripting the right behavior accordingly



  • Deep understanding on music composition and music sheets

  • Integrating MIDI interface with Unity and creating paced sound effects

  • Github collaboration, solving conflicts and versioning

  • Best practices for UX in learning apps