Take control of a cube, Qbo, and find the right path to the endpoint on every level of the game. The endpoint is always a glowing gap in the environment in which you must fill and makes you become a part of the world. You can do that by hopping around each level and making use of dynamic and static platforms and portals.


  • Gameplay Programmer

  • Develop game logic, controls and elements interaction

  • User testing, documentation and improvements/bug fixes

  • Implement main menu, level selection menu

  • Add music and sound effects

  • Level design tools



  • Optimizing game performance for mobile devices

  • Develop a coding framework that allowed multiple changes in interconnected features

  • Understanding the core principle of a feature in order to develop the minimum for prototyping and testing

  • Creating tools that allowed the design team to easily create and test new levels



  • Team collaboration and communication

  • Applying project ideation tools focusing on game design elements

  • Programming design pattern for quick prototyping

  • Good practices for mobile development (Android and iOS)

  • Planning an efficient user testing, and using the data to improve the game