Divine Paper

An immersive VR interactive story, where you can be part of a beautiful Chinese ink style world. By participating in the story as a god, and using the divine paper to translate different words into the corresponding objects for this world, the user can learn and memorize Chinese characters in a more engaging way.


  • Interaction Developer

  • Integrate VR ToolKit for controls and movement to simulate paper/pen mechanics

  • Animate scene objects according to the narrative

  • Develop a dynamic character recognition feature with the user's drawing

  • Design a narrative experience in VR, taking in consideration the camera freedom



  • Developing a Chinese character recognition algorithm that also considered the strokes order and direction, in order to create a better learning experience

  • Setting all animations of the app to create a consisted pace throughout the entire experience

  • Building a dialogue system that allows multiple pauses and callbacks, as well as smooth transitions between the lines

  • Creating a realistic rice paper and pencil brush in VR, with limited ink and multiple brush sizes taking account the distance to the paper

  • Using sound, movement and perspective to create an immersive interactive story telling experience

  • Designing a free-drawing and placement system that allows users to create their own Chinese ink style paintings



  • Built an immersive and engaging VR app that seamless teach user how to write common Chinese characters

  • Applied real-time texture editing to simulate ink painting

  • Developed a free drawing mechanic using Oculus SDK

  • Integrated Google Cloud Vision for character recognition

  • Used Unity Text Mesh Pro to create our own dialogue system, using Rich Text tags to highlight game cues in the text

  • Applied sound and visual cues to compensate the camera freedom offered by VR headsets, in order to guide the user to the narrative