Archer: Danger Phone

In ARCHER: DANGER PHONE, the world economy has been plunged into chaos – and the only way to survive is to lead your team of hapless spies in a global cryptocurrency operation that’s just crazy enough to work! You’re in charge of your own dysfunctional espionage agency in this narrative-driven idle game.


Lead Game Designer

  • Own development of new features

  • Create feature documentation, wireframes, and roadmaps, communicating and aligning with Engineers, Artists, and QA

  • Organize and execute playtest and customer interviews

  • Manage the Design team on LiveOps

  • Constantly analyze data and come up with Brainstorms, A/B Tets and other solutions



  • Understading all aspects of the game design, during its Liveops

  • Working with a famous IP such as Archer

  • Aligning with the team on the development of new feature while working from home

  • Identifying players frustrations and needs

  • Operating together with our partner companies ESG and Beamable  

  • Depending on approval from external partners like Disney and Floyd County

  • Analyzing players behaviour through dashboards and graphs

  • Developing a consistent plan to release additional content to players

  • Functioning towards constant improvement and matching our partners KPIs



  • Created several documentation to facilitate the spread of information and onboarding of new designers

  • Organized meetings followed by weekely sync ups, to ensure the team communicated any concern during the development of the features

  • Had constant meetings with the designers and the analytics team to understand the friction points and act upon it

  • Built tool to operation standards and ease design tasks

  • Planned art-heavy features weeks ahead, considering the approval time from our external partners

  • Facilitated multiple brainstorm sessions to ideate solutions for our players frustations

  • Developed a roadmap and aligned with the team on our tasks to ensure new content was constently delivered to players